I need an employee.

@CODYMAC (1357)
San Diego, California
February 25, 2012 2:23pm CST
As you all already know I started a business about 4 weeks ago. Now it is growing and I need an employee. I am greatful for all of the help I received from my friends on myLot and I went and looked up hiring. I just am not sure what my best options are. I only need him/her to hold a sign for 3 days per week, 4 hrs each day. Should I go 1099, or what? I charged the client 9 per hr, and need at least 20 cents per hour, or so, to print more business cards. So I can give employee 8.80 per hr, and that meets Oregons minimum wage. Or I can hire on paper. Which option do you think is best?
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@peavey (16856)
• United States
26 Feb 12
It may be too late for this client, but in the future, you should try to charge a little more. In this situation, you're not making a penny. Have you looked into the laws regarding taxes and so on? If you're hiring someone on contract, you don't have to pay minimum wage (pay by the job instead) but if you're an employee, you'll have to pay in for unemployment, SS and so on. If that's so, you'll be costing yourself money by hiring anyone. Try not to work on such a slim margin. Your business is intended for profit, isn't it?
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@CODYMAC (1357)
• San Diego, California
27 Feb 12
Correct. I have reviewed the important tax codes but even to my analytical mind, it is a mess. I know that you have a great point. I should just get it done and not worry about it until I have more clients. And yes, It is for profit. Great comment, and I will keep that in mind in the future. As it stands, I have two jobs, and a third on the way. I am excited. Yet stretched. :( Anyway... Thank you and have a great day. :)
• Portugal
22 Sep 12
im needing a job right now^^ maybe i can work for you. what job is that you need? i really really do need a job. if you still need an employer please contact me^^ thanks so muchy
@CODYMAC (1357)
• San Diego, California
8 Oct 12
Well that job is now over and I am afraid I lost that business... Sorry about this...
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
20 Jan 13
Aside from having a regular job I also managing our business. I have 3 crew in the shop so I am careful in giving the benefits of my employee. I give them a monthly minimum salary. Better, make a comparison of your computation based on the income you earn daily and monthly. By doing that you can assume benefits that you can give to your employee.