Always thinking about somebody "unconsciously"...

February 27, 2012 1:29pm CST
I don't understand why I keep on dreaming about the same person even though we haven't spoken for a long time already and I haven't been thinking about him anymore. It has been a long time since we hanged out and we both have our own lives now. But, he continually appeared in my dream. I don't understand. When it happens it will happen again for consecutive days and then will stop for a while and then i will dream about him again. Why? Am I unconsciously thinking about him? What can you say? Have you experienced something like this?
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@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
14 Mar 12
that is kind of weird, i think but if it was not you who was thinking about the person, perhaps its the other way around and he is probably the one who is trying to communicate with you - most probably he is thinking of you befopre he goes to sleep. hehe
@maezee (32963)
• United States
27 Feb 12
I have not, really, except for the times where I've had a crush on a guy, in-real-life OR a celebrity crush, and so I've fantasized about them, when I was awake OR asleep . That hasn't happened in quite some time though. Maybe you have a crush on this person, or at the very least miss him or her. Maybe you should try to get into contact with him.