please help me with paypal - it is urgent.

February 28, 2012 10:08am CST
hi friends, Please help me with a doubt regarding paypal transaction . I LIVE IN INDIA. My doubt is : -------------- When I receive a payment from a site ( for example a site named 'X' and amount is 1$ ), this amount is reflected in my paypal account as it is , and full amount is received. when my friend ( lives in india) receives same amount from the same site "X", the paypal takes fees ans give back the remaining amount. Why is it so? But in some sites , when i receive a payment ( say 1$ ), the paypal takes out some fees and issues me the remaining, why is it so? In all transaction, where the " Order status/Actions " coloum shows " issue refund " button, the paypal takes out some fees. So please help me , the actual logic behind this. And also explain me the concept of " issue refund " , and tell me why the paypal takes fees only in this " issue refund case" . What we can do to avoid the fees being taken by paypal.? Please help me it is urgent for me THANKS IN ADVANCE.