Am i violating guidelines if i create a topic for mylotters to aware of my task?

February 28, 2012 6:04pm CST
Just before i started this discussion, i visited mylot guidelines to check on my question. I understand that i cant post anything that meant to lead readers to other thread, post for commercial or advertising purpose, and anything that is consider as individual. So i wonder let say i created a task, Can i create a topic to let other mylotters aware the chances of earning from mylot task that i've created? since we have to pay mylot fees for posting task, i assumed it is a another source of income for mylot when user create tasks.. more task created by user means more income rite.. Then i try to use search engine to find any discussion to see if anyone has ever created a topic of tasks that they create previously and i saw some post where it was not reported.. so i wondered if it is actually allowed...
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