inbox dollars?

February 29, 2012 1:46am CST
hi friends,is inbox dollars a survey site?do they offer surveys to all countries?am from India so am asking this, and have you paid by this site ?
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@Eskimo (2317)
3 Mar 12
I was a member a number of years ago, but don't think I ever got enough e-mails from them to reach pay out. It's actually one of the longer lasting sites (probably over ten years) which is a long time for this type of company. I've found that for similar companies you need to get lots of referrals to reach pay out any time soon. There is no mention on the site how much you have to earn to reach payout, it used to be $10 (for PayPal) when I was a member. The website states they have an active facebook membership, so I would advise checking there first. Non US members are not given any promises about the number of e-mails that they will receive.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
29 Feb 12
They pay. But the surveys/offers are not for all countries. Mostly it is for US members, so it's not really recommended for the rest. You can still earn from task though, I believe. But I think the minimum payment there is set too high..
@runi1024 (126)
• United States
29 Feb 12
They do pay and inbox dollars is a paying site. I have found that most sites do not have surveys for users outside of the US. I am in the middle east and it has been difficult finding sites that work here. An other thing to keep in mind is that they only send checks to the US. I plan to keep the money in this account until it is enough to cash out and when I go back to the states I'll have it sent to me at a friend's. But if you are not planning on doing this it is not worth your time.
@erjnsimon (1191)
• Makati, Philippines
29 Feb 12
i am a member of this site and i am from the Philippines. i think the surveys that they are giving are for selected countries only. and same, Philippines is not included s it is hard to earn there. they say that members will also earn by reading emails they sen but still now, i don't have any emails receive from them so i can't earn well. using their search bar also helps you in earning but only give you 0.05 dollars if you use it. completing task is also one way to earn their. playing games also but if you want ot earn by playing games you must invest your money like gambling, however, no gambling actually.