What if every thing was a lie?

February 29, 2012 5:21am CST
Its hard to live in a world, where your love is someone else's sweet heart.Its harder when you know that all along what you saw and heard was a big lie. You can never stand to it watch her kissing.If you can then i know your heart will be now that scrambled jigsaw puzzle.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
1 Mar 12
I wonder if it all was a lie, I think once it was not..
@vt689586 (585)
• India
29 Feb 12
if it is happened to you then try to open your eyes and mind now.because it is happens with only true people who blindly believes their lover and by some time they got hurted because this kind of loyalty gives your partner feeling that you are so stupid and you did not know if she cheats you.but if it happens with me then i surely teach that girl a good lesion so that she can not do the same with any other guy.
• Philippines
29 Feb 12
Its really sad when you found out that the one you love and trusted so much was the one who is lying to you and cheat you. But what can we do, be thankful that you knew early so could also have a chance to move on and let go of that person, so you can find the person who you truly deserve.
@lil_toni (206)
29 Feb 12
Its really hard to know the truth.That every was a big lie,after all you've been through.Especially if you trust that person so much and yet its broken.