1 year since Surgical Menopause

February 29, 2012 3:46pm CST
March 9/12 it will be one year since I had the above surgery. I had to have everything removed, including my ovaries. By doing so, I am on synthetic hormones as the side effects of no hormones is unreal and brutal. My troubles seem to be with losing weight. I am at the highest I have ever been. Up until the surgery, I never had problems with losing weight or exercising. I was a brown belt in karate, plus I enjoyed dancing and walking with my pets. I do walk my dog usually daily, I do exercise at home usually 3 to 4 days a week, that usually includes dancing, push ups, sit ups, jump rope, using my theraband for strengthening my rotator cuffs as I have bursitis. I can't afford a gym membership so this is why I work out at home. As life has come full circle, I have had 3 car accidents back to back to back in a 6 month period, several years ago, battles with major depression and anxiety. I do have a history of bulimia and anorexia and I know that some of my patterns are deeply ingrained. I am in therapy and it is quite in depth and will be going on for quite sometime as I have BPD, which is not a death sentence, it just means I have had years of trauma and my thoughts and patterns aren't at times, healthy or the best for me. My question is, for those that have gone through either natural menopause or surgical menopause, if you had to lose weight, what worked best for you?
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@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Feb 12
hi sassybrat for some years now i have tried to lose weight an wondred why it was so hard for me. I mentioned to my doctor I felt tired all the time and chilly. He insisted I have a thyroid blood test and voila I am low thyroid so now on medication. I am cutting back on carbs and have lost from 210 to 200 and that weight was after lunch and with my heavy brace on my leg. so deducting the four p ounds for the brace I weighed 196 which is a heck of a lot better than 210. the med is really helping me and it had never dawned on me my thyroid gland was to blame.I love it that the weight is actually going down not u p. I find that I can cut portions in half on some things and still not feel hungry after eating.sitting here typing is not a lot of exercise at all.I had a partial hysterectomy as my uterus tore after childbirth necessitating emergency surgery but my ovaries were not taken out., I hit menopause in my fifties. and started gaining and gaining no natter what I ate. I anm also a diabetic so losing weight can only help.
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@wittynet (4131)
• Philippines
1 Mar 12
Hatley, does it mean your doctor removed your uterus? I have a friend who had myoma, and the doctor removed her uterus and one ovary. She's not taking any med. It has been more than one year now. I wonder why the doctor never gave her any medicine. She looks older than her age. Is it because she no longer menstruates? I am just so curious for I was also diagnosed having myoma just last week.
• Canada
1 Mar 12
I don't look older, well other than the weight around my middle (which I hear is indicative of women who enter this stage of life). But my complexion is clear, my activity level has been getting better and better all the time. I'm only on Hormone Replacement Therapy as I do not have any ovaries.
@vikasbi (12)
• India
1 Mar 12
house hold work and morning walk