God has all the talents you can imaging

@beenice2 (2482)
February 29, 2012 4:42pm CST
Did you ever ask yourself why we have talents, well don't look further look how God made the universe and He has Talent to create a huge universe like that with taste in colors and shape in everything.
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• United States
1 Mar 12
Amen! God is the ultimate creator. He created physics, math, chemistry & biology with all of its complexities & all its grandeur, that in turn created the universe as we know it! Humans invented morality and laws.
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@beenice2 (2482)
• Canada
2 Mar 12
God is the big mind behind everything it is wonderful yes I can say that I can't have all the talents He as. We are part of His design.
@shibham (17022)
• India
25 Mar 12
Honestly speaking, i dont believe that god exists. if he has given us talents then an insane person will not roam around everywhere. just very hard to think that way. Have a nice time.
@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
6 Mar 12
What talents are you talking about? I bet you, no matter which talent it is, I can give you some reasoning to why we have that talent, without any need for god. Lets look at a basic one. Why do we do art? Well, through the process of evolution, we did better then the other animals around us, from thinking about the situations more, and implying more abilities to our hands. We found, that the more we did those things, the better we did with them, and those that could do better, lived longer, had more children, and led to more people. When it came down to processing more information, people found they could put that information onto walls, leading more people around them to accept that information. The ones who could see it, and accept it, as well as the ones who could make it, lived longer, had more children, and went on in evolution. Towards more modern times, people who do art, inspire others, and make better careers off of it, because of their inspiration. So, if we can do art, we do better, and so, the direction of "what is art" becomes broader, and how much we can look at, and interpret art, goes further, and hence, we have art, today. No God Needed.