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@rajeev075 (1936)
March 1, 2012 5:02pm CST
I had hupage account and i had written about 15 hubps but unable to get views on them. Can any one suggest me to get the views as nither of the people there visiting the hubs nor they are doing something on them, mainly from theose whom i follow or those who follow me. I might have few hubs not interesting but not all are same few are very good. Help me out so that i can increase the views on the hubs.
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@boyuancy (1709)
• India
2 Mar 12
Oooo . . . Now that's a topic worth discussing (No wonder Spike was the first one to reply)! As he said, it depends on what you write. I'll suggest two ideas: 1. If you write on a particular niche, be a part of many forums of the same niche. As soon as you write an article, you can discuss them there and get backlinks - one of the most imp. aspects of SEO. 2. Have a writer's profile at as many social networking sites as you can, so when you write an article, you can share a link there and get your followers to read it. I learned a lot of the freelance writing tips n tricks here: www.halfhog.com/forum For SEO, you can visit and be a part of this forum: www.seowebtalk.com All the best to you and your hubs.
@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
3 Mar 12
Hey boyuancy thanks that you liked the discussion and i also thanks for your valuable advice. Getting backlinks is not that muh easy but as you say i will try and get one but problem is that one ggood links worths 10000 bad links so i want to have a good link rater then those silly ones. Social and bookmarking sharing is what i was not that much doing as i was mainly cincentrating on my blog and that led the hubpage views to go down Now i an doing to promote those hubs on socila sites. Again thanks for the useful links
1 Mar 12
Popularity depends on what subjects you cover, what content you have, whether you did any SEO, what the titles are like, whether you've publicised them anywhere and a whole load of other factors... It's hard to be much help without knowing more and myLot prohibits self-promotion so you can't post links.
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@jackchun (514)
• Hong Kong
15 Mar 17
Don't know if I can place any links in my hubpage articles? Thx for any help!