Is Both Andrew Breitbart's Death And Rush's Bomb Threat Just Coincidental?

@Fatcat44 (1142)
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March 2, 2012 3:25pm CST has an article that Andrew Breitbart has video from Obama's college days, and was about to release them in about a week or two. And that he was saying that it will completely change the election this year. The same day Rush Limbaugh receives a bomb threat. Is this all coincidental? .......... or not?
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3 Mar 12
I haven't heard a word about a bomb threat on Rush. This threat sounds more like a way to get the heat off of him for making another stupid comment.
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@debrakcarey (19924)
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3 Mar 12
I'm a woman, and I find Rush refreshing. Sure, he's bombastic, egotisical and sometimes rude; that should endear him to most progressives. But instead they can't stand him? Why? He isn't afraid of them, he doesn't shut up when they come after him? Wow, like I said, refreshing. Like I said, I haven't heard of any bomb threats, but I haven't been looking to find anything on it either. Perhaps the liberal lamestream media is waiting for him to get hit with a bomb so they can disrespect him like most of them are doing to Mr. Breitbart. What a bunch of classy people those liberals are. Won't even respect the family of a man who recently passed.