Do you listen to songs in a different language?

@ajalitus (127)
United States
March 4, 2012 1:35pm CST
I don't know if it's just me but I listen to a lot of songs that are in Spanish even though I don't understand most of the words...I still sing along. There's also the japenese songs like "cha la". The instruments just sound great with the vocals, you know? What do you think?
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
30 Mar 12
yes it happens to me too listening to music coming from different countries and so songs are in a foreign language than mine i think in majority of cases i can listen to songs perfromed in english but it can happen in some other ones as well!!
@timetravel (1428)
• United States
11 Mar 12
My children are huge anime fans and watch quite a bit on t.v. and dvd sets. I've heard some of the opening themes sung in Japanese by singers, and have searched out the full videos on youtube. Some are quite beautiful, even if I don't understand a word. There's also a french folk song I heard on a french radio station on the internet one day and searched it out. I love the video, and was able to roughly translate the words, which are wonderful. There's also a native Pakistan singer I've listened to, and singers in other languages.
@meozard22 (872)
• Philippines
9 Mar 12
I guess the Language doesn't matter as long as we enjoy the music and the tune it gives. Sometimes we appreciate music not just for the lyrics but also for the melody. I also love some Japanese songs that was a sound track from animes. It's cool
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
8 Mar 12
I do listen to the songs that in different languages.It's kind of fascinating and you can find the different culture in its lyrics.The emotion that lyric brought to me is great with the,i just love it.No boundries.
@macowtdy (116)
6 Mar 12
Hi..! I love to listen to songs in other languages..! Mostly Hindi,Spanish and Japanese I don't understand the meanings but it makes my mind better..!
@Porcospino (18385)
• Denmark
5 Mar 12
I often listen to music in many different languages. Danish and English songs are very popular in my country and many Danes only listen to songs in those two languages, but I think that there are lot of great songs in other languages, and I often listen to music from around the world. I like some Russian singers, a band from Poland, a band from Hungary, a band from the Czech republic, some Japanese singers etc. In most cases I am not able to understand the lyrics, but I like the songs anyway and I often sing along...even when I don't know what I am singing
@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 12
Hello ajalitus... Yes of course I do, I listen to English songs, Korean songs, and sometimes arabic songs. Though I don't really understand about the lyrics if I like the song, I'll listen to it. Just enjoy the music and move my body
• India
5 Mar 12
I also love listen to songs different language. It is spanish. The tune is very sweet and enjoyble.
@dazzledlady (1621)
• Philippines
5 Mar 12
Yes, I do listen to foreign songs. I particularly like lisren to spanish songs because i can understand some of the words and i felt like they make the best love song just by listening to the melody. I also listen to japanese and korean song influence by watching japanese anime/ dramas and so is with korean. I dont like listening much with chinese song to I have chinese blood because i find it to be pitch or maybe because they can reach high notes. So far that's it, ihave not been exposed to other music by other languages. Oh there's another one, the themesong of slumdog millionaire:) jai ho!
@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
5 Mar 12
I don't have a favorite type of music. If i like the song i'll listen to it. I tend to like instrumentals, I search on the web from time to time. Some games have a lot of good instrumentals. I listen to a lot of songs in other languages. Like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Brazilian. It doesn't really matter if i understand the words as long as I enjoy the rhythm and I like the sound of it.
5 Mar 12
i really like japenese. they are so so awesome when ever i listen to slow tracks it just gives a inner peace in my mind and just love there instrumentals
@CODYMAC (1357)
• San Diego, California
5 Mar 12
Hello, ajalitus. I love listening to Flamenco and Spanish music as well. I really like the pan pipe in all music. It makes a beautiful sound. I thing Mariachi music is wonderful as well. I can listen to that kind of music all day. It is great. Have a great day. :) :)
@youless (92401)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Mar 12
I believe that the music is without border. I am a Chinese, but I like to listen to English songs. Sometimes I will also listen to French songs. As long as the music is nice, it doesn't matter that I don't understand the lyrics. I love China
• Canada
4 Mar 12
I listen to english songs mostly but sometimes I listen to french songs also. I understand both languages so it is okay with me. However, I sometimes listen to spansih songs because of the music I like it even if I don't understand the words but still you can enjoy the musci and singing without understaing the language itself...
@laura1991 (178)
4 Mar 12
i hate listening to songs in other languages. it just really annoys me that i dont know the words. equally, i hate songs with no words. i like songs that you can understand and relate to.
• Philippines
4 Mar 12
Yes, if the song is included in my favorite foreign movie (with subtitle). Although I don't understand the song, but hearing it will remind me of the movie. Plus, some of the foreign tunes are good and nice to hear. Aside from lyrics, we, as music lovers also tend to evaluate the quality of music in terms of its tone/tune.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
4 Mar 12
well i love latin jazz which is most often in Spanish. i live in Canada and we have two official languages, English and French, so i have listened to music in French plus i love Chinese traditional music as well.
@mgzg11 (139)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
4 Mar 12
Strange, but I was thinking of starting pretty much the same discussion myself. Well, it pays of to be lazy. Anyway, to answer your question, yes, I do. If for nothing else, than for the fact that I'm living in small country, and we speak language that not many people in the world use (or understand), so English is my second language. Of course, we do have music in our language, and generally speaking, every kind of music that is popular (in Europe and North America at least), but even here lots of bands and singers are using English in their songs. What interested me, is your source of music from different countries and languages. Do you read some blogs, or simply surf YouTube, or having some other way to find new and exciting music?
• United States
4 Mar 12
I LOVE listening to songs in other languages. They are simply beautiful. Music is one of those things where you don't have to understand what the lyrics are saying to understand the emotions underneath or the beauty within. I have several different languages of the same songs on my iPod and I thoroughly enjoy hearing the differences in the way things are done. Sometimes it's more soothing to hear the song in a different language than in my own. Sometimes the other language sounds better or the artist seems to have a better voice. It's my own little slice of culture, however small.