Whats ur plan for ur future?

March 6, 2012 1:19am CST
Am planning to raise my family in a better way and full of satisfaction.Iwant them to give what they wanted to.Teach them to be a good leader in the future and to become a good citizen.I want that they live with much of happiness and well discepline...
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• Indonesia
6 Mar 12
my planning to make my daughter hapy in her life.Make my family happy.Especially my parents,coz i didnt yet make them happy.I didnt yet to be whatever they want.So i want make all of them happy.For my daughter i want give good father to her.Good luck..
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@dilrajj57 (1759)
• Pakistan
7 Mar 12
very good you said, pray for me too for get to a good daughter with nice woman.
@artauxeo (287)
• Philippines
7 Mar 12
i'm planning of making my art studio bigger, so i can hire more artists like me. there are really more other things to plan for, but i only plan on those things that interests me most. some may plan to buy an expensive luxury cars, but i am not in to cars. so i will use money wisely so i can give more people work without exploiting them with their rates.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
6 Mar 12
Hard one, I never really think about my future only about my kids future. So I try to save for them so they will be able to go to highschool or perhaps study. I try to take care of the "house" and ground I bought for them in Hungary so they have a place to go (or kind of investment) if they grow up. For the rest I try to live by the day, make the best out of it, do everything in my power to make myself feel happy (so I feel less pain) and hope I can travel a lot. Living abroad I can't afford, perhaps one day.
• India
6 Mar 12
I have made up my mind to be a doctor in future.
• India
6 Mar 12
Im planning to build a house by myself and also planning to have a luxurious life as i struggle in my life very hard. I hope i make my life good within few years. As still now im working hard to have my dreams come true.