Couch vs Bed

@ecaron (678)
March 8, 2012 12:46pm CST
My husband usually sleeps on the couch because he snores pretty loudly and keeps me awake or wakes me up if I'm already sleeping. Anyway, lately though he works very hard, he has a very physical job in construction and he hurts all over , so he asked me if he could sleep in the bed for a few nights. I agreed because I feel sorry for him and want him to sleep and feel better. I don't mind the couch sometimes. Sometimes, it is comfortable enough and sometimes it's not at all. The bed sometimes leaves me sore and achy in the morning also. Which do prefer or do you not sleep on the couch ever? Some people like to take a nap on the couch but would never sleep there all night and others like my husband and me don't mind it sometimes. The bed may seem better for your back but sometimes the couch seems to have more support. Your thoughts on couch vs bed, My Lot, friends!
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• Philippines
21 Mar 12
I prefer a bed than a couch probably because it is much more comfortable sleeping there than on a couch. Besides, a couch has a small space for sleeping while a bed is a bigger one. :)
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
I think it's better to sleep in the bed. It's more wide so it would be more comfortable. Unlike in the couch. It's narrow so you can't move freely because you might fall. It gives more strain in your body because you feel cramped, you can't move freely. You better lend your husband the bed. Or maybe you can get another bed if you don't want to sleep in the couch.
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
10 Mar 12
Well, for me personally I prefer sleeping in the bed at night. There are times I have fallen asleep in the recliner or the couch when I take a nap, but usually at night I sleep on the bed unless when I have a really bad cold and sleeping in the recliner is about the only way I can sleep. The couch I would have a fear of rolling over and falling off and hurting myself is why I usually only sometimes take a nap there.
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
I love the bed! It's much more comfortable than anything else. Good thing you let you husband sleep in the bed, since it's not really good to always sleep in the couch.
• Ireland
9 Mar 12
I'm the noisy one in our house, apparently I snore and can be a very 'active' sleeper at the best of times, so the odd time to get a bit of piece my poor man ends up sleeping on the couch. He much prefers the bed, but that's life in our house!
@patgalca (14664)
• Orangeville, Ontario
9 Mar 12
The only time my husband slept on the couch was when he had the stomach flu and I had to TELL him he was staying there. Keep the germs to one room only. I occasionally move to the couch because I have difficulty getting to sleep at night, even with sleeping pills. I am surprised at how comfortable it is sometimes, however I have a sore back in the morning after sleeping there. As for snoring, I make my husband turn over when he snores. I have enough trouble sleeping without him adding more noise to my already loudly ringing in my ears. I don't think it's fair that I'm the one that has to go to the couch all the time but he goes to bed before me so if I can't sleep I move to the couch.
• Canada
8 Mar 12
I am definately a bed person, comfort and cozy. Our couch has those lumps for each seat as it reclines so not very comfortable. My husband is a loud snorer as well and a few nights a week he sleeps in another room just so I can get a good nights sleep. But your right they work all day as well so having a comfy place to sleep is premium.
@beidaihe (48)
• China
8 Mar 12
Bed is is very comfortable.nothing can take place of it.
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
8 Mar 12
Hi Ecaron, it's nice of you that you let your hubby sleep in the bed. Most men I know don't mind sleeping on the couch, but I think it's quite uncomfortable. I can take a nap or sleep a few hours at night on a couch but not more. I think that's because I'm not a good sleeper and change my sleeping position a lot. I can easily find myself on the floor after falling asleep on a couch or if not, then i wake up with back pain... but I guess I would just need to get used to it.