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March 9, 2012 7:24am CST
Never really fully realized the effect of texting to people until now. On the matter of abbreviating words, at least. I take charge of scholarships in our school and I was delayed in submitting our proposal to this one benefactor. Her secretary and I were exchanging text messages until I decided to call her. And I got this message “Am almost drained. Cbt tk ur call.” I didn’t understand her message at once and I felt remorse so I replied “So sori. My fault. “ I thought she (the person) was drained will all the text msgs we had been exchanging until my friend said that what she probably meant was that her mobile phone is almost drained and she cannot therefore take my call. And we laughed against my embarrassment and amusement. And my friend added, “why can’t people text full words especially if the message is short?” And I wondered along with my friend. What about you mylotters, did you have the same kind of experience with text messaging?
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
14 Mar 12
Text messaging has made people rather lazy. A three word message and all of them abbreviated I have seen an example of in the past. It just makes me want to just shake my head. It does make them lazy.....well lazier as people are going to be rather lazy no matter how many ways you slice it. There are just going to be times where text messages, unless you are used to them will throw you completely off guard. Then again, I have long since maintained that if people can find a way to abbreviate the word "I", that they would find a way. But sadly one letter is the least that you can do. But if there was a way, they would do it, you better believe that they would do it. Text messages never have ever been my cup of tea, it just does not lend itself to intelligence and meaningful conversations. And too many abbreviations give me headaches.
@jjzone44 (917)
• United States
11 Mar 12
I too just recently started using text messaging, because it is included free with my data plan. I don't like, and therefor don't use texting shorthand. My Android phone includes voice-to-text conversion, and I use that quite a bit when I am forming long sentences. The few people I text with don't use that shorthand either. That shorthand is making it's way to mainstream messages, and personally I do not like it. I saw an entry in a guestbook for a departed person that went something like this: I m gld I met u, pece b with u 4 ever". When things like that show up in an online guestbook for the dearly departed, they have gone too far. Basically if your thought is not important enough to use complete words, then it must not be important enough that I need to worry about deciphering it.