big amount of electric bills???/////

March 9, 2012 8:38am CST
Every month i paid big amt. of electric bill..why is this so?????????/always increasing...............made my head aches.....i wonder in other places , they had small amt of payment for their electric bill.i wonder their a different in reading the meter?????????????????
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@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
22 Mar 12
Try to count the appliances you have on your home. And compute the usage of its appliances. Sometimes high electric bills really comes in usage of the owner. Check or Hire an Electrician and tell him if someone or somebody is connected to your electric. My cousin had this dilemna she just found out when she turned off the breaker. I mean total shut down. After that incident her neighbor also has no electric. She fell something fishy. So she report it to the authority. The neighbor was caught for using jumper. Check this scenario maybe it can help you to decrease your billing. Piece of Advice: (1) Unplugged any Appliances that are not being used at day to day basis. (2) Turnn off the light when not being used.
• Ireland
9 Mar 12
For us, our electricity usage did not change, but our bill went up by about 100 euros in the space of about a year or less. We were shocked. The prices increased. There was a 12.5% increase there a few months ago and our high bill prompted us to make some big changes ourselves. All our lightbulbs are energy savers (60 watt of light for 11 watt of electricity), we stopped using the dishwasher, turned off all the switches at night, reduced the number of hours of the day that the bulbs are on in the snakes' enclosures by two hours and we haev now cut that 100 back off the bill!
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
9 Mar 12
I don't know how it works but over here (the Netherlands but also in Hungary) I pay each month the same amount for gas and electricity. No matter if I use it or not. And yes these bills are high. At the end of the year (December) they come over to read the meter. If you used more you get an extra bill. If you used less you get your money back (sooner or later). In between the prices can be raised. Over here they say they get higher if the price of oil is raising as well. What exactly the connection is between the price of oil and gas/electricity is still a miracle to me.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
9 Mar 12
Yes, the rate of electricity used is constantly going up each year, each user is required to pay more per KWH after signed up with the electric provider every beginning of the year no matter you like it or not, so that the electricity corporation can substantial higher profit margin for their shareholders. NO more small electric bill formost of the people, unless you are municipal or city users, then you can get some discount for large volumn usage. Bad economy out there for everyone except the big corporation.