am i happy?

March 9, 2012 3:39pm CST
to sleep even though many many problems are present is the habit i cant avoid! just by dreaming of happy memories can make me smile but its just last for a while, remembering bad things makes my heart beat faster and faster until i just can explain what i feel.its nice to dream even though you know if you woe up u face all of your problems again!
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@mykahoy (46)
10 Mar 12
It is so sad for you my friend for having that so many problems. I, honestly experienced such in my life. When I felt pressured in my work. I even end up dreaming about my problems and it made me so depressed. In our lives problems could never be avoided. Well, it's part of our everyday life. What we can avoid is the feeling of being pressured, stresses and worst being depressed. However, we should not worry much about this because there are numerous ways on how to cope up with this negative effects of problems in us. And it is up to us on what way is suitable and effective for ourselves. One simple way that I could advice to you my friend is to pray to God. Start trusting Him that He won't give us load we cannot solve. He is the almighty father, all knowing and all loving. If you seek Him, all your worries gone all your problems solve because in Him nothing is impossible. God bless to you my friend. Hope you well trust and pray to Him. And for sure you will have a good night sleep.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
9 Mar 12
I think in these hard times a lot of people look to their dreams for the light in their day, its nice to have nice dreams, lets hope that the whole world will pull it-self out of whatever it is going through at the moment and that we won't have to depend on our dreams to see the light.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
9 Mar 12
You wake up and you face the problems again.. are focused at problems again. Why not waking up and focus on your great dream? On the fact you are a strong person, a survivor? Why not focussing on the positive things even if they are less as the problems it will make you feel better. So my advice is: ignore as much problems as you can so you will feel better, and focus on all the positive things which are still there it will surely make you feel way happier.