I remember this game

@Java09 (3085)
United States
March 9, 2012 4:45pm CST
When I was little, I think I may have borrowed this from the library or something. I played it somewhat. It was fun, I don't remember how far I got. The dragon is adorable and he can glide around and stuff like that. Its a good game for kids and young people to play. So what do you think of this game? Have you ever tried it?
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
22 Dec 12
yes i tried to play on spyro and it is a funny game and even the main character such as the dragon spyro is really nice..probably a nice modern version of the old platforms...
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
7 Apr 12
I remember this game. Is it still really around? I did not get a chance to play it that often, but it was Fun. He was quite adorable and the game was quite interesting. Now there are so many games out there to choose from, but some of the Classics still remain some of the Best.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
5 Apr 12
I have not heard of this game, but then my sons are grown up. When they were young, it was Atari and later Nindendo such as Mario Brothers and there was a lot of jumping up, and getting the coins. Amyway I was very bad at games, always losing out and going back to the beginning.
@kedralynn (992)
• United States
10 Mar 12
Aw I remember Spyro. I played a few different Spyro games. I got really close to finishing a few but I can't remember if I ever completed one. That was a long time ago. Fun games tho and a super cute dragon!