Positive can come from every situation

United States
March 10, 2012 10:53am CST
You can turn a negative situation into a positive one and benefit from it and eevry situation you face. I realized that my life had gotten ebtter the day I got thrown out over something that is very rediculous! I have my own place again. I no longer live in fear. I have 2 netbooks and one laptop. I make money several ways. It is hard to get anything done when your living in fear! The jerk used $20 for sattellite tv as the reason for throwing me out. The real reason he threw me out is because I stood up to him and called him on his lies. He threatened my life because of that. This guy cannot stop making cracks at me. He has a kid and should be living with his girlfriend and son, planning a wedding. Though I would never get involved with an animal abuser, someone who has the worst intentions for everyone he knows. I am doing a whole lot better. I have since started doing online video focus groups. I am much happier too. I keep finding more to do. I love writing and plan on continuing to write. If I was still living in hell, I would be terrified everyday. The fact that I have made a better life for myself is making the guy that kicked me out making even more cracks about me. He also cannot stand that I am doing everything that is best for his brother. The ones who say things like she is bad news, she is using you and does not love you are the one who do not care about anyone and love to see everyone the cannot stand fail! The best way to show anyone who wants those around who are week-willed week minded and easily controlled! Do not let others bully you, try to control you. If someone says bad things that you know are not true, remember they are always talking about themselves. People can help each other and those who the people you want in yout life not those who make threats, and care for no one else and never will. I found that those who never focus on living their lives, fail and will always be what they say about those they do not like. I say prayers for my family and friends and for those like the one who threw me and and does not like that I am much better off than he will ever be. Words can be helpful or harmful, no matter who says what. Live life for god. Be happy and true to yourself, do not listen to anyone who does not want the best for you. In fact, those who make nasty comments need to look in the mirror before talking about anyone. Life can be cut short in a heartbeat. Take nothing for granted. Love those who love you and respect you. Love your enemies too.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
10 Mar 12
I think you already make the best out of a negative situation. You can see the difference, know what kind of person you don't like to be. You are able to see what he really says/means even if he is using different words. The only thing left over is to stay out of the way of people who give you bad energy, don't waste yours on them either, don't even spend a minute thougth about them. Invest in yourself, you are worth it. There is no need to love the enemy, but also no need to hate them (which is a waste of your good/positive energy).
• United States
10 Mar 12
What I mean is that when your involved in something that leaves you mad and bitter, instead of focusing on the negative, turn it around in to something you learn from. Here is an example: meeting someone who has a major trust issue, gets your wallet and will not give it back, tells you who you can and cannot see and then tries to control your every move. Take that as a lesson and instead of being bitter and mad, take control. Take your things and your life back. Never let negative be negative and hold you back being angry.
@harini23 (84)
• India
10 Mar 12
Everybody will say to us like, think positively.And if anything negative happens to us,Then also they will say that there will be some good thing is going to happen for u that is why this thing became negative to u,Like that people will say.But is this going to happen really? Even i do not know about this.....
• United States
10 Mar 12
I take negative situations and use them to as positive motivators. Why take negative as negative? Depending on the negative situation it can be used as a positive driving force for you to learn and do good instead of going thru bad and wanting to get revenge on the one who caused you harm
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
12 Mar 12
Indeed there can be some forms of positivity for every single situation. Of course, there is the matter of finding the positivity in a situation, which can be quite the uphill battle for some people. Some people don't think in a positive manner, because they choose not to. That fact is just plain simple. It is almost as if, and this does seem twisted, but its true, they feel a great amount of joy of seeing the worst in the situation. Is it is easy to see the worst in every situation? Yes, yes it is. However, there are times where that kind of mindset will drive you absolutely insane to say the very least. Therefore, I do try and get past the negativity, with a more positive mindset. Which I do admit, it is of varying degrees of success. But if one does work, they can find a positive way to spin all of the situations out of the negativity.
@Mashnn (4503)
11 Mar 12
That is what happens when you work towards achieving your dreams and forgot about what others are doing or have done to you. I wish I would be able to forgive and forget so easily. I am glad that you are doing great.
• Philippines
10 Mar 12
If you are planning to turn a negative into a positive, that in itself is a good plan. However, when you become bitter and anger burns inside you against people who may have hurt you, then that is not a better way of making the negative into a positive. It becomes double negative because we become bitter instead of better. I know that it hurts when people have done something that hurt us but harboring it in our hearts will produce another bitterness which will hinder our happiness and success. What we can do is to forgive; let go and let God. Pray for those who hurt you and you will be freed from that bitterness. I like the last sentence you've put: love your enemies.