people who are different when you are present and another when you're not

March 11, 2012 8:23am CST
There are just these people in this world who acts and says different things when you're around and spreads/tells another story when you're not. There is this person in our organization that i do really like at first, since we only see each other (in not a regular basis) and also she always says nice things, has nice plans, and always smiles. but then when she became to be a member of our organization, i got irritated and annoyed because she's starting to stir trouble between members: she started to spread gossips, trying to act like someone and giving commands to the orderlies. well the only thing left is my respect for her because she's much older than me and my mother always tells me to understand her. And i just can't really stand her attitude and i'm starting to get really frustrated. hai! if only.
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@TheIzers (680)
12 Mar 12
just ignore her, people like her doesn't deserve of our time or attention. You'll do better without thinking of her she just a waste of your time. trust me, I know plenty of her kind LOL. I acted like you long time ago but at the end of the day it didn't worth it. So best is just walk away from her.
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14 Mar 12
thank you all for taking time to read and respond. i was just so frustrated that day because of some things she'd said.
• Philippines
11 Mar 12
I guess you should bring the issue up to the head of your organization.. a confrontation to resolve issues might help straighten things, it may also help enlighten your friend about bad effects of what she does to your organization and to other people she knew.. after all it would all go back to her..
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@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
12 Mar 12
Some people just like gossip. I think is because they love attention from others and when they have dirt on other people they kind of get that attention. Or when they feel lonely, when they are jealous. No need to become violent or get in an argument. Sooner or later people will see her true colors, and she'll be sorry, or just alone. Maybe she doesn't have friends, maybe she doesn't know how to make any if all her life gossip is all what she's done. If you really want you can talk yo her after you too become friends.
@victorjc (86)
• China
12 Mar 12
i think the only thing you can do is: get away from her.
@cas2cam (23)
• United States
12 Mar 12
this is someone who wants attention-which she gets from gossiping-but is too spineless to say anything to your face. People like her will apologize, deny, and act indignant-but they will never change. Don't confide in or befriend people like her...they can wreak havoc on your life. Trust me, I have one in my family...
• Jacksonville, Florida
12 Mar 12
I have seen plenty of people like this and I do not like it either. I would still respect her as your elder but thats it. I would try to stay away from her as much as possible or if you cannot do that just speak to her as little as possible. Be polite but to the point. I would never say anything to her that she could twist the truth on thats for sure. Just be careful and never give anyone your trust too easily because there a lot of people like that in this world.
• Singapore
12 Mar 12
Well there are certain blacksheeps of the society in this world and the wisest thing to do is to just ignore them. There's no use wasting our breath on them and we could even create trouble for ourselves if they backstab us behind our backs. It could be worst if these people are our superiors but what can we do? We should just bear with it and if need be, resign. In fact, in every company, these people are bound to create unhappiness in the workplace so sometimes, quitting the job may not be a solution. That's when politics come in and when I say politics I mean office politics. We all know some people bootlick their bosses just to get into their good books and even get promoted to a higher rank with just the help of their mouths. However, there's no need to bootlick people when you have the ability. With that kind of ability, your boss will eventually notice you and promote you. Possibly, that woman who acts two-tongued in your organization, you should probably act kind to her in front of everybody else and pretend nothing happen. But whatever bad she does, keep it to yourself. Because when you do this, you will gain an advantage over her as in when something happens, you will have a hold over her if she ever threatens to put you in trouble. It's wise to get a hold over someone's bad antics and use that to your advantage. I hope that helped you!
@sanofer (525)
• India
11 Mar 12
what you said is really correct. Many people act as if they are so good in front and they will gossip about us when we are not there. I also have some friends who gossips when they are not present. But still we can find some good friends who really care for us and we should not bother about people who speak about us when we are not present.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
11 Mar 12
I think that you should have a private chat with her and tell her you like her but you noticed things she says/said hurt other people. Perhaps she is not aware of it, perhaps she feels insecure and is behaving like this to hope people find her popular? Tell her this behaviour might annoy other people or make others decide to dislike her. It's good to try to understand other people but I do think that if it annoys you or others you also should be honest and tell her.