If you are excel in microsoft excel, please save me..............

March 13, 2012 3:10am CST
I have the problem with my work. My client sends me excel files without fomulas in it. It just contains value and I am not able to find out what these numbers come from? I asked my clients but they have vague answers which causes me many troubles in calculating. Is it possible to know the fomulas of the figure in excel. For example: 3= 5-2 or 3=2+1 And I want to know exactly which fomulas is correct in this situation. Please save me
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@owlwings (39617)
• Cambridge, England
13 Mar 12
If the files really contain just the numbers/values, then there is no way that you can find out what formulae were used to calculate the results. If there are cells which ought to contain a formula, you will be able to see the formula by selecting the cell and looking at the entry box at the top. You can also toggle on or off the revealing of any and all formulae in the sheet (rather than any calculated values) by pressing Ctrl+` (the ` key is the key with three symbols on it on the extreme left of the top row of the keyboard, above the Tab key and to the left of the "!/1" key). Your clients are either giving vague answers because they are inexpert in using Excel or possibly because they are deliberately hiding the way that the figures are calculated. Many people who are asked to send an Excel file do not even understand the first principles of Excel - that it is possible to calculate the value of a cell from the values in other cells. I used to teach the use of Office products and I have come across MANY students who have entered the figures in the exercises, performed the calculations in their heads or on paper and typed the result in the appropriate cell! I have also found people trying to use Excel as a word processor!
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• Philippines
13 Mar 12
Its hard to know but if you can find possible factors of the given sum/product/quotient/difference that number(s) are likely where the final number is derived. For example, if you see 30 and 60 present and there is 1800 that you don't know how it came about, both factors probably have something to do with the number.
@msdivkar (1903)
• India
13 Mar 12
There is no way to find out the formulas for the cells which have been already converted to numbers. The cells must have been purposely changed to numbers not to disclose the formulas. You may have to do some research to find out the formulas for particular cells. If there are number of similar cells then it may not be difficult if the formulas are arithmetical. It may be difficult to detect if they are logical ones.
@victorkrish (1522)
• Malaysia
13 Mar 12
I dunno exactly what you want but this is could help you solve the problem spreadsheets.about.com/od/excelformulas/ss/formula_begin.htm Hope your problem is solve soon. Good Luck,
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
13 Mar 12
I want to help you in my best, but I can't since I know that the information shouldn't be released to any third party, which would be me. Anyway, try looking for patterns occuring on multiple columns (e.g. one column is proportional to another column).