Is Savvy Spot defunct?

Greenwood, Mississippi
March 13, 2012 12:20pm CST
I notice that I'm getting a Go Daddy domain parked message when I try to go to Savvy Spot now. Is that site gone for good? If so, it's a pity...I always enjoyed using it even though I hadn't been active there recently. The way it worked is you got shares based on your monthly activity on the site doing things like posting freebies, deals, reviews, etc. Every month, you'd earn money based on the amount the site earned that month; as you can guess, that meant your income was highly variable and perhaps that's one reason the site didn't get a bigger following. I did notice that the value of shares did seem to be dropping of late, but I really didn't expect the site to vanish in a poof of smoke! It was an honestly fun and useful site to use and the unique interface of the site somewhat reminded me of old dialup BBSes. I'm sorry to lose it -- I believe it paid me twice and as far as I know it was always an honest site.
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