Belief in miracles

@didi13 (2927)
March 16, 2012 5:53am CST
I recently heard a surgeon talking about some miraculous healings. "There is no doctor at some point in his career, to not understand that there is nevertheless something beyond science." And I heard him talking about interventions made ??with the same accuracy and precision some people are prosperous, and the others were turned into failures. About the belief that, although it is essential to be the best doctor and best prepared, however, always remains something unexplained, something beyond medicine. About the fact that in some people hide a survival force so strong that gushing including sutures, including wounds, healing and what may seem incurable. I listened, and I recognized in his relation to medicine all my revelations and the people close to me. I found myself at a time as any, for each of us, a miracle waiting to embrace us in the aura. Like some people dwells a force meant to protect them from evil is not found in others. As for some love comes easy and completely while others are forced to seek and to wait. There is always something beyond science. There is always something that surpasses mere ordinances. People as intelligent, just as talented as living decently, never have an equal chance to fulfillment or happiness. Separates us something ineffable, something indefinable. And sometimes I think what differentiates us is our faith in miracles themselves. And that they enable.
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• Philippines
17 Mar 12
hello friend, For me,believing miracle is true because i believe that being a live is miracle and being okay to everyday in life is so miracle also and im so thankful to god.
@inertia4 (27792)
• United States
16 Mar 12
While things may appear to be miracles, and even when it comes to science, there are lots of things we as humans do not know yet, or just cannot comprehend. I am convinced that when it comes to the human brain, even the top scientists do not totally understand how it all works. The brain it the most complicated computer in the universe. So, what we perceive as a miracle could just be the brain tapping into a part we cannot relate to.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
16 Mar 12
I do believe there are people who can heal themselves in time (it happened to my father with his back and also to my ferret with her neck x-ray showed it) or with help of others. I think these are the so called miracles. Taking good care of yourself, the power of positive thinking is not all just made up/an illusion.