Guidelines of success.... sounds interesting

@eshaan (6193)
March 17, 2012 1:28pm CST
Hi friends, let me tell you that there are many things which i feel that people keep trying worthlessly... well as i have already discussed in the topic.. it is one of the most popular thing used by people to help them guide towards success... I dont find this much useful... Life is what you make it and success is something you have to achieve by yourself, you success cant be limited to five to ten lines often referred to as guidelines of success... Rally it seems useless.. i mean to say how can people think that five lines can get you to your destination.. i know friends that those are valuable lines and have a deeper meaning but still i personally feel that some may have a different kind of life which would not permit them to follow such guidelines... so you should make your own guidelines of success and stop referring these to anyone because different people have different opinions..... bye!!! happy mylotting
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@GemmaR (8526)
7 Apr 12
It is strange in life how some people manage to be successful in everything that they do, but yet other people never manage to experience this success at all. I think that your drive is the most important thing, and if you're driven to succeed then you're much more likely to put the level of work in that is required to be able to do that. I am rather successful in my job at the moment and I think that it is because I am so determined to succeed that there is no question with regards to whether I will manage it or not, because I will continue to put the work in until I succeed.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
24 Mar 12
I don't think that there is one set definition for what success is. The reason that I think that is the case is because my goals and expectations for myself are not the same as your goals for yourself are. One thing that I think does define success for everyone is that they did the best job that they could personally do while they were on a journey to their end.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
19 Mar 12
Guidelines have no use if it is not properly used. But if we analyse and apply to our life with specific requirements, life would be always a success. We would get the concept as it is and it is we, prepares and plans or use it just like a tailored mechanism which is suitable for our life standards. In short, any guidelines if it is used by proper way, we can expect results and if we are not utilising them with due respects, whaver we get has not use.
• Philippines
18 Mar 12
Yes, because success should be defined first by the individual who wants it. Success can be different for a variety of people. My definition of success can be different from your definition making it an objective thought. So it is quite important to define first what you consider as success. Once you have already identified what is successful for you, then you plan out certain goals and actions to meet it. It is quite tricky that many people fail at even identifying success for them. They try hard to be successful only to realize that it is not what they really defined as success. So I do believe that the first guideline to success is being able to define it in your own ideas and thoughts, then focusing to reach it no matter what.