Portable Meth Labs

United States
March 17, 2012 9:42pm CST
I just came from the gas station downtown. A man came staggering in and bleeding from a knife wound. It was a good thing the paramedics just happened to be there getting some snacks. The police were called and it only took them a few minutes to get there. I watched while they took the man out to the ambulance and the police surrounded a white van that was in the parking lot. They found a portable methlab in the back of it and was told by the man who had been stabbed that the people who were in the van only lived a a block away. As I left the station I saw the cops taking several people out of the house in handcuffs. I am not sure which one stabbed the man but it was about the fact that the man refused to go into the station and buy I believe something that is used in the manufacturing of meth and they got into an argument and the man stabbed him. I am hoping that after several meth busts in the past several days that a lot of these people are in jail. I have had my place up for sale for several months now and am hoping that I can sell it and get away from this place. I know that you will find drugs and meth just about anywhere, but this is ridiculous. Would you sell everything you worked so hard for just to get away from these types of people? I have a child and I don't want him around this type of things. Where can one go and where does one draw the line as far as problems such as these?
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