This is Why Should You Keep Lighters Away from Children

@talfonso (246)
United States
March 20, 2012 8:16am CST
There are several reasons why you should. Three out of ten young children die because they play with them (as well as matches). But that news story I read doesn't involve dying - the family became homeless because a six-year-old played with one. The boy, Jacob Peacock, found an old lighter on the sidewalk. He tried lighting it up on his home porch (it was a rental home), using a box as kindling. Unfortunately, it worked, and his house lit up. His family evacuated to a neighbor's front yard. When the firefighters put out the blaze, fourth of the house was destroyed. The Red Cross offered them a hotel stay for 2 nights. The boy was grounded. So, that's why kids should never, ever play with lighters, even when they seem to not work. Remind yours that when they find one on the sidewalk on anywhere, tell them to tell you or another trusted adult about it. This could have been prevented in the first place if the boy did this. Source:
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
21 Mar 12
That is a good reminder of something that should really not need a reminder anyway. Something that should be common sense. However, as we all know, common sense really is not too common. And all it takes is one time. I see parents who just carelessly put their lighters down on the kitchen table, right at the edge, where a child could easily see and reach it. And even when you have that ingrained in the mind of a child that you shouldn't play with lighters, it is still a curiosity. Children should be taught proper fire safety. That seems to be a lesson that should be among one of the most important things in the world, not to play with fire. It should be either number one or two on the list, right next to don't accept rides or talk to strangers. But some parents neglect this very important value. Which is a shame, as such a tragic ending that could have been easily avoided. So wretched.
@jd107nette (1456)
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
my goodness... we have to always keep in mind that it should be kept out of reach of children!