Do we have enough time

March 21, 2012 12:40am CST
My roommate just said:"time is running!".Please think adout it.It is right.Hoe many hours do i spend in staring at one thing without thinking,or play boring games which i already have been tired of.In my time schedule,i list specific works in specific time,but i usually try to find excuse to delay my motion.Do you have similar experience? How to overcome?
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
22 Mar 12
Time is a rather funny thing. I think that it might be going faster as we are getting older, so we are not going to think that we have enough time. Of course, one might argue the point that time is not going faster, but we are going to slower. With each passing year, we might slow up just a little bit. Our thoughts might be a little bit slower or it might be our mind just playing some tricks. It is not obvious until we are much older, because the decline is so gradual. I don't think that we do have enough time, but how much of it is our own fault? We tend to throw too many eggs in our basket and eventually the basket is bound to break. To the point where everything that we try to do cannot be done in an efficient and immediate manner. I do think that there are times where time seems to be racing with us and when you don't go with the flow, you're going to hit the floor regarding time.
• China
31 Mar 12
I like the point you mentioned that time is not going faster,but we are going to slower.We will act slower and slower,think slower and slower.I have meet a question saying that answer" how many days in your life "without calculating.It only about 20 thouand days.It includes the time when we are old.I are not given enough time to waste.I always think of the definition of waste.What is your opion?megamatt,my friend
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
21 Mar 12
Time is an invention by human beings. To some time is important to others it is not. So time can be running to some of us, to me it's not. I have made a life scedule to (daily scedule) it helps a bit (I live without time that is why) to be in time somewhere if I need to. How your spend your time is up to you. If you want to be less bored do what you need to do first and make a habit out of it not to use your computer before you did so. It's the only way, who knows you feel happier if you can say at the end of the day you did do something productive?
• China
31 Mar 12
Everyday i wake up in the moring,i like to make a schedule in my mind.And i found it is useful for my life.So once someone or somebody disturb it,i will feel unhappy and have no idea to handle the condition well.I think it results from I been acusstomed to the rutine i made ever.Now even the ordinary life is boring,i can not stop it.The mind "i need do sth meaning and do not do what you interested in" force me and in control of me.