Work for the HIGH PAY or work because you LOVE THE JOB?

March 22, 2012 9:01am CST
I would like to ask mylotters around the globe... Whenever you try to find a job or probably, when you're hired to work for a job or could be, you've been working for a few months now, a few years already or for such a long time since you were hired by your boss ---- what would you consider if you were to choose between this reasons: Would you work because of the high pay or you'd choose a job even if it doesn't pay so much as long as you enjoy or love doing it and it's not stressful compared to the high paying job that's being offered to you?... For me, I'd choose something or a job that I'd love to do rather than just work for all the money. In fact, I left a high paying job because it was too stressful on my end and my boss had very high expectations on me, which others would tell me, it's always because of the "high" pay that you get and you're working here in the Philippines. What about you? ...What would you choose?
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
16 Apr 12
I have had many different jobs, and I usually choose jobs that I love instead of high paying jobs. I love working with people and I have worked in nursing homes, homes for people with special needs, hospitals and kindergartens. Most of those jobs are not high paying jobs, but I love the work, the challenges and the interaction with the people I meet, and that is more important to me than earning a lot of money. That is one exception and that it is job in a hospital that I had some years ago. I worked at night and I worked many hours, so earned more money that I did in the other jobs, but I did not like that job very much. Of course the extra money was nice, but I usually prefer to do something I love instead of having a stressful job with a high payment.
@Wakeupsud (201)
• India
22 Mar 12
As of now i am not working any where but in a years time i will be working and i would say that i will be working where i like to as in this way we are actually happy to work and in the end we have to be happy.So i would choose a job in which i am happy not the one in which i am getting good pay.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
22 Mar 12
i am in Canada and while i don't get paid much (i work for a Christian not for profit organization) and i haven't had a raise in like 3 years but i love my job and the people i work with so i stay.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
22 Mar 12
It depends on how you feel. If the job stinks and you get payed a lot I can tell you by experience that it's not worth all the money. It will only break you in every way. So I quite in the end and left and feel way better now. That is the most important thing to me, me feeling happy.