March 23, 2012 12:56am CST
what's yours, who started it, why? mine is "gepeng" (flathead), my aunt started it when i was a baby because when i was born, my head wasn't round
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• Philippines
23 Mar 12
mine was 'habibi' an endearment came from my lola - never had a chance to ask her where that nick came from. I assumed from the word baby and put a prefix ha :D. My four your old son nick we called him was 'putsutsok' came from one of his first few words on his earlier age.
• Indonesia
24 Mar 12
maybe she just want to call you, then she make it short just "habibi"
@agent807 (723)
• United States
25 Mar 12
I have several, and they come from several different people, but they are for the same reason. My co-workers call me either superman, muscles, the beast, the incredible hulk, diesel, king kong's little brother, the tank, the tow truck, or the two legged horse. Mostly because I am so big, so heavy, and so strong that I was doing things at work they would normally have three or four people doing. In the case of the tow truck name, I moved something myself that another person was going to move with their truck. I took up football, powerlifting, weightlifting, and at the time I weighed 353 pounds and was solid, this is where that strength came from. Sometimes, I do things that other people normally use machines to do, and I do it by hand. It was always a test to see how much I could handle. I love it when people ask things such as 'what do they feed you', or 'how much does it cost to feed you'. It was the same story everywhere I went. I like because I am so different, that I am not normal to other people, but this is me, and not everyone is going for this.