A road without character

@didi13 (2927)
March 23, 2012 5:34am CST
Have you ever thought how important a person's character? How much can be said about this character person, about the environment they live and even the soul that it has. I've known people and people. Some I was impressed by their simple way, nice to have. Others left me with a bitter taste and, as much as I love people, I still watch with disappointment to them without understanding why they chose this path. A road without character. And when you choose to step on this path ... it will surely break all those whom you will meet. And yes, you do so without the slightest trace of sadness. That's because you usually forget that because of what it means to feel at your side, to love neighbor. I do not know you. I do not know what kind of character. I do not know even if you want to have a good character or not. But, if you choose a road without character at the moment might bring success to you, take care not to step on nails that way. And when you run out of character, to consider the fact that they could stay and without people who really love you.
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• India
23 Mar 12
A character defines a person. It is who he/she is. It is how the world sees him. A character is the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person's moral and ethical actions and reactions. So, even a characterless person has a character. What is required is good character which enhances bliss around him/her. A character as strong as steel but understanding and caring; hardworking as well as philanthropic; changing but constant. People choose their own paths and they can change it at their own wish.
@Leeper (80)
• South Africa
23 Mar 12
Wow, Didi13. Only someone with great character could have written such a beautiful piece of writing as you did. That came from the soul and I really felt your words. You could even write a short story titled "A road without character", I would read it. (-: Thank you for such a great contribution. I do agree that character is so important, and it saddens me when I let myself down or those I care about let themselves down in that regard. It brings pain, you know. Nothing less, nothing more. I am really drawn to people with a strong character but the older I get the harder I find it is to find people with a strong character. However, there are quite a few on this website it would appear. Also, in Life. As for me, I am a work in progress. Some days I win, some days I lose but I feel that all I really have is my character - even if it is not much of a character, I am focused on growing it. Thank you for a lovely discussion topic and written so poetically almost. I choose a road with character, nothing less, thank you.
@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
23 Mar 12
Hi didi though this is quite true that character plays an important role for many but this character today has become subjective. Many assume that character is all about success - for some monetary for many others success at work. We had a saying years back when I was a kid - when money is lost something is lost and when character is lost everything is lost, but today, things are changing and so are the thoughts. But still some specimens like us exist who do believe more in character than many other things.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
23 Mar 12
I think it's very hard to know someone's character. You can only guess for it even if you have an open eye for it.. and label it. Behaviour is not only caused by character also by the way someone is raised, the experiences etc. But fact is people are able to make you and to break you..unless you are not allowing this.