Good or bad people are we in times of financial crisis ?

March 24, 2012 10:41am CST
The financial crisis has changed our lives? Many people lost their jobs, others lost their savings in banks. Some people began to despair. Do you think that made us bad people or we have become better people ?
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• India
7 Jul 12
I don’t think the financial crisis has made us bad people. I think it has just changed peoples spending habits. People do not spend as much as they used to. Does this make them bad? I do not think so. But do explain more so that we understand your point of view.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
12 Apr 12
I lost the original message, but someone asked me if I have a solution for this crisis. I understand that the man really believes in political crisis promoted by the media. As such as an earthquake or a natural catastrophe. But the crisis is not an earthquake or natural disaster. It's just a direct consequence of how people do their governors and political and economic life. This is a crisis: the impact of the money and power felt by those without money and their power, but he actually say them, "heavyweights". But nobody depends on them, only they depend on others. Everyone depends only on himself, and every man is able to live their life with the resources and means based on his own skills. No one depends on a political or economic chief. If you are good at something, anything you can find people who have the skills you need for your services.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
27 Mar 12
Regardless of our backgrounds, I think that the state of the world, the crisis of the economy, is going to effect each and every one of us to say the very least. I think that for a while, I kind of kept out of the hectic nature of the crisis but eventually when there is something that is far reaching like this, like a financial crisis, even the most well prepared of us are going to feel the sting, we are going to feel a lot of the heat. We have had to change a great deal of our lifestyles. Well many of us have as. Some people have really tried to live like the times are still good and everything is good. Much to their pain and misery I am sure. But desperation has been caused by a lot of people. There is a rise of the crime rate, with more people getting bold when the ways to do things good just are not working. Harsh times are not handled well from some people.
• Canada
25 Mar 12
The financial crisis has taken a huge toll on our lives. With a poor economy, its no wonder there is much more crime these days. I feel there are more bad people out there than good, but then again, I could be wrong...
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
24 Mar 12
I don't think the bad economic will change people. You are who you are. Perhaps you are just not wearing that mask anymore. But I do believe that those who are optimistic (character) always will be, the same with the creative once. They will see it as a challenge and go on no matter what happens.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
24 Mar 12
the crisis indeed has changed our lives. any crisis would have an impact on how we behave and interact with others. stories from crisis-torn areas are mixed in outcome. crisis brought by conflict causes people to be cautious and suspicious of each other. the crisis brought about by economic fallout leads to depression. majority become bad when a crisis hits.