for the cougars

@luisaR (452)
March 25, 2012 4:19am CST
how do you take yourself being called a cougar? How do you enjoy it or do you enjoy it because you like being involve and mingle with younger than you or you just find it no other option because the men on your age level are usually taken if not ill. is there ever a moment that you feel lonely,alone and sad with your status in life and if you don't like to be called a cougar and yet single when the kids are all grown ups and have their own lives, what do you to enjoy life back to being free again? thank you.
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• Canada
25 Mar 12
I've been called a cougar because I've been in a relationship with a man 12 years my junior. I am not old... far from it... my daughters are still living at home and going to school so the men of my age are certainly not "ill" and it isn't hard to find those who are still single. I did not specifically seek out a younger man. He is simply the man I met and connected with... and I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I really hate the term "cougar" because it gives off a vibe of "preying" on younger men or "capturing" one. I find it pretty silly and if someone calls me a cougar, they will hear my opinion pretty darn fast Between consenting adults, both of more than legal age, I don't see why the age difference is such a big deal to some people. You love who you love.
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
31 Jan 13
You are right to choose who and whom to is your option I mean, yes, you're right. It's annoying to be called a cougar.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
26 Mar 12
GREAT discussion, the one I want to come back and check their answers As a woman I find them fascinating, not that I plan to have a toy boy at 50, but can I leave my opinion? lol I never cared and I'm sure I won't about age, but preferable the guy's got be my age. I don't like younger guys so maybe they always did. Now let me tell you about the cougar I met in person. She was over 50 dating a (her daughter said) hot 17. When she went to meet his family they were all, you imagine how, all quiet looking at her and his mother was younger than her... Very well, my friend was mortified about her mother. She would stare at young guys walking on the streets, we brought a 19 yr old friend guy with us and she hit on him... But she's the type of imature person that never past her 15, I could see in her eyes, action and way to dress. I felt so much for my friend. The strange thing is that this friend is very discreet, mature, very together you know? I think for having a mother like that she gave a lot of thought about life. I really admire this friend. But not all cougars are like that I'm sure, you cougars out there. Now Demi Moore is. She's acting like a teenager with her breakup.