friend in need is a friend indeed

March 25, 2012 12:31pm CST
how do you tackle a friend , i mean some friends nature could not be changed, he has got a attitude as if he is boss a don type ,he always wanted someone to be near to him as a listener and these days ,he is behaving so different ,like sees me but doesnt says anything at all ,goes off as if he dint saw me and how do you find , i mean how can we taunt them to get what he or she may feel towards you , sometimes people keep something in their mind related to us and talk so differently in a revenging accent ,which makes us weird to talk, so we better think , we dont talk. do u all got any friend who often does that ,i mean who speaks something weird to you keeping something bad about you in mind in terms of revenge or something wrong which you had did to him.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
25 Mar 12
I don't have a friend like that, would not accept a friend like that either. Why not? Because this is not the kind of definition I have about a friend and I don't like to have such a person around me.
• India
27 Mar 12
i guess you are so right now mate , that is so awful if i see and friend and he doesnt talks to me and pass away just for no reason ,because that friend stays near to me , i still feel him as a friend ,dont know why he is behaving as such