What's your blog?

United States
March 26, 2012 7:32pm CST
So, I figured since mylot is this huge social thing, that some of us including myself might be bloggers. Anyways, I'll start off by answering with my own blog what I am asking. Name : Unusual Diaries Blog Site : Tumblr What's it about? : Anything pretty much Why did you make it? : I like pictures and writing, so I figured doing a blog would be pretty fun. What did you choose....? : I chose tumblr because it's a rest site for a mix of photo and regular written blogs. That's basically it. I'm curious to know how many of the mylotters have a blog. You don't have to give all the information I gave if you don't want to. A name, or what it's about is basically what I'm curious about. So mylotter, what's your blog?
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@jeetking (190)
27 Mar 12
My blog deals with format essential letters and applications required in our daily life.
@TheIzers (680)
27 Mar 12
having a blog is like a dream to me but that dream will never come true because I can not write well.
27 Mar 12
Nice idea, especially since you deliberately avoided the whole "don't publicise your own links" thing... that should mean the discussion doesn't get deleted unless Alex considers it a poll. Hopefully not! Name : The Half-Hogger Blog Site : Self-hosted WordPress, forum, etc. What's it about? : Freelance writing (specifically part-time but full-timers welcome) Why did you make it? : Originally it was intended to be a support mechanism for the book I published in January but it's since turned into part of an entire network of sites for freelance writers which is growing as we speak. I thought the blog would be the central focus but the forum's totally outdone it, completely unexpectedly. What did you choose....? : I went self-hosted because I wanted a forum and everything else on my own domain and have a rev share site opening soon (which can't be run any other way, really).