Luxurious Houses almost like a Castle - Dream?

March 27, 2012 1:20am CST
I've never really actually seen one, but have seen it a lot in movies, series, magazines and internet. These elegant houses which look really really expensive may perhaps be a dream for a lot of people.. If you are living in places like this, you have to be a part of the house. I mean, you have to wear elegant clothing even when you're just at home. I've read one article in the magazine that the maintenance of a house this elegant costs as much as almost having to build it. So you've strived so hard to collect the money to create it, then strive all through out your life for its upkeep.... Well, I would love to live in a place where you would look like prince and princesses but as much as it interests me, i think i'd stick with the simple ones haha
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@Porcospino (18669)
• Denmark
17 Apr 12
In our town there is one street where the houses are very big and very luxurious. When my husband and I pass the street we usually joke about it and tell eachother that we are going to buy one of those houses when we win the lottery I am not sure that I would really like to live in one of those houses. If we ever win a lot of money I would like to buy a different house (our house is semidetached house and it is quite small) but I don't think that I would choose one of those huge houses. The maintenance would be expensive, too and I would have to hire someone to help me, no I think I prefer a medium-sized house instead.
@Uziflee (17)
• United States
28 Mar 12
Nothing wrong with Dreaming and if that is what you want then go for it! I grew up in Europe so I have visited some of the Castles there and they are pretty magnificent, but also kind of creepy and cold. I prefer small Home and tons of Property and Nature. If I did end up with a huge House I would probably use it as a Group Home or Shelter.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
28 Mar 12
I have seen them in alot of magazines and movies too. They are what the rich usually consider their homes, and I have never really thought of the upkeep. Now that you mention it it does make sense, having to dress the role of the owner and everything too. I think I'll settle for the mediocre anyway. I live in what is a old and rundown place an it still seems alot to upkeep. So if I were to have a larger home like those I would probably be in worse shape than I'm in now.
@Markudo (55)
• Brazil
27 Mar 12
Well, must be a really wealthy one to build and keep such a house. If I ever come to have that much money, yeah I would want to live in one of those. But it is also very dangerous tho... Family would be always spotted by thieves and kidnappers, so I don't know, probably would only dream about it anyway lol
@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
27 Mar 12
hi, its nice idea, i think that, its nice dream yes how nice to live in a place like that, but i can not envy those people because human cant have everything, so if my dream is a palace they may have a dream that they cant make it true also, so i liek what i have and like big places but will not change what i have to for anything so im lucky in another way and i think all humans are lucky in way ro another, do not you think so, i mean even rich people have some bad influence from that money so live the life as it is thats my say