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March 27, 2012 2:39pm CST
Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Friends? In Friends you have Monica & Chandler, so in love and perfect for each other, Ross & Rachel, on again/off again, Joey, the ladies man, and Phoebe, the fun crazy one. Also, Rachel and Joey have a little fling. In HIMYM you have Lilly & Marshall, so in love and perfect for each other, Ted & Robin, on again/off again, and Barney, the ladies man who had a thing with Robin. The only character they don't have an equivalent for is Phoebe. Also in Friends they were always hanging out at the coffee shop right downstairs from their apartments. In HIMYM they're always hanging out in the bar right downstairs from their apartments. I love both shows, but I can't help thinking HIMYM is just a play off of Friends. It lacks a little originality. Its still a great show, but they could have come up with characters that didn't mirror another show so closely. What other shows are similar to each other? How are they similar? Does it irritate you that they aren't completely original?
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@nezavisima (7418)
• Bulgaria
27 Mar 12
There are so many movies have been copied forward. There are many who have made ??much better than the orginal but others are good for nothing and they tease and when they watch. Yet not all are orginal. it is best to watch the shows that just like you and others do not watch them you will not be offended. nice day!
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@nia1023 (134)
23 Jul 12
that's the first thing i've noticed when i watched how i met your mother. i love friends more, they are insanely hilarious!
• India
16 Jul 12
When you take a closer look at T.V shows, you will find most share quite similar characteristics. This is mainly because; If you like the setting and character story line, why change it? Simply change the characters, slight setting change, and you have a brand new show to watch. Any forensics’ show or criminal law shows are basically similar, you have NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, they all share similarities, but characters are slightly skewed. Soap operas are by far, they most generic of the bunch, All my Children, Sands of Time, etc.
@tri_0217 (101)
• Philippines
4 Jun 12
Well, you have a point. But I think that you can't compare Ross & Rachel with Ted & Robin.Because the show really points out that Ross & Rachel are the one that are meant to be in the end while it is more likely Barney & Robin that the show is pointing. Because Joey and Rachel had a little fling but Barney and Robin is in a more serious side of their relationship.
@mythociate (15621)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
16 May 12
Especially with blockbuster movies these days, it seems like they're usually copies of other movies from before (even "exact" copies, like 'True Grit' and ... well, I'm sure there are others). With sitcoms, you could say they're ALL copies of I Love Lucy
• Philippines
8 May 12
You have pointed out clear similarities there but when I watched HIMYM, it didn't really make me think that it is just a play off of friends. It might have been inspired by the FRIENDS series but its a great show in its own right. I don't mind that they have similar patterns because it works for both shows as reflected by their successful run.