Trying to live up to impossible images of beauty

United States
March 27, 2012 6:42pm CST
The other day I walked into the cosmetic department of a major department store here in the U.S. and it suddenly hit me how we are totally set up to strive for an impossible image of beauty. I saw all the pictures of actresses and models that the different cosmetic companies display at their counters. These woman are naturally pretty but in these photos first they have their hair and makeup professionally done by the tops in the business. Then they have perfect lighting and a professional photograper. And then they retouch and photo shop the photo. They can erase every single little wrinkle, blotch, any little imperfection. They can lift brows. Shave off here and there to create contours, slim a jaw, slim a nose, make eyes bigger etc etc... All with retouching. And then we are presented with this fake and impossible image of beauty and the message is spend your money and strive to look like this. And there were so many women at those counters buying this and that. I'm not saying I'm above it all, I have skin creams, not ones from department stores but I do have them. And I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. But I think on the whole there is too much pressure put on girls and women to look a certain way. And I think if we all realize these are unreal images we can take some of the pressure off and not feel needlessly bad about ourselves because we don't look like the glossy pictures in the magazines. We need to realize even those woman in the pictures don't really look that way! It's an illusion! What do you think?
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@Hatley (164448)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Mar 12
hi lillyusus I have seen some professional models when they were not modeling and they had flaws left and right bu t to me they looked prettier and more real more human than when they were all made up to extreme perfection. One had a slightly crooked smile and to me it made her seem like a real person and very pretty inspite of the crooked smile. it seemed rather endearing too. I learned all of what you have written a long time ago and whil I use lipstick and eyeshadow its subtle and I do not put red blotchs of rouge on my elderly cheeks as that makes aged women look just dreadfl. soft blush just barely there is okay.I also want to look good but I am 85 and while I can make up to look maybe 70 I am not going to look like a young woman.I like my white and silver hair it sets off my blue green eyes.
• United States
28 Mar 12
Hi Hatley, You seem very comfortable with who you are and seems you have embraced your age while still doing what you can to look and feel as best as you can. I think that's a great attitude. And it's a positive attitude and peace of mind that makes a person most attractive.
@dazzledlady (1619)
• Philippines
27 Mar 12
Marketing can/ tend to influence a lot. Before, I was told that being skinny was not in but now it is like the models. What was marketed will set the standard sooner or later. Whether we like it or not we have to adapt to these changes in some ways. Change is good as long as it does not compromise yourself or others. We should change to be better and not because that is the present trend. We just have to adapt to the changes we think can make us better. With the concept of beauty, I say as long as you looked refresh and not stressed out then its ok. We do not need to look like supermodels to be noticed, just let our nice personality shines. And I know majority of men do not like make ups, and I think we wear them to look good to attract men. :p Feel good inside and out, it will change the vibes you sent out to these people..
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
27 Mar 12
I saw somewhere a few images of actresses without all of that glitz and glam done to them or their pictures. They look like you and me, with dark circles and beauty marks all over their face. We expect to look like the fake that they are. Now I am not saying that we would much want to watch a movie or a show with them without makeup, but to be honest, I think society has gone too far. Long ago the make up standards for celebs should have been nixed in the bud, so that we don't have this "impossible" want for the beauty not even the celebrities truly have. That being said, I use Nivea cream for my face and body. Dove soap (bar) is good for getting rid fo pimples and softening skin.
• United States
28 Mar 12
Absolutey. Every once in a while the tabloids will have on the front cover stars without thier makeup. It's amazing sometimes how completely different they look. And I agree I would'nt want to watch movies with actors with no makeup. Even though I think it's kind of mean of these tabloids to have those pictures of these celebs looking their worst on the cover in a way I think it's good. Every one that passes by and looks at it are reminded it's all an illusion. It levels the playing field so to speak and makes people probably feel like hey they look just like me.
• India
16 Jul 12
You are absolutely correct, and you are also one step closer to being totally comfortable with yourself. The whole idea of beauty campaigns is to set the goal just out of reach of the general public. It sure helps sales. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, its not supposed to transform you into something you are not. If I had the resources I would love to create my own beauty line and have my own campaigns. Using everyday people.
@smacksman (6074)
28 Mar 12
In my humble view it is rare to see a woman who is not blessed with at least one gem of beauty. Beautiful eyes; a lovely neck; a nicely turned ankle, a winning smile; a graceful temprement. You are all lovely to me in your many ways. Please don't change.