How do savers get along with spenders and vice versa?

March 28, 2012 1:18am CST
I believe in the saying opposite attracts. I think being with someone different will make you wiser. Your differences will also make your relationship much more interesting. However, when it comes to money spending, I always see couples who are very opposite in this department argue a lot. This is especially true if the couple is not very rich. I've read somewhere that a spender and a saver should be together for their benefit. Spenders will learn to save (and they will have some savings in their banks), and savers will learn to enjoy their life a bit with their hard-earned cash. Do you have a loved one who has different spending habits from you? How do you handle it?
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
1 Apr 12
Well rather, it is a very opposite relationship to say the very least and obviously when there is such a clash, you do have an uphill battle. Of course, when both are flexible enough to alter their habits as it pertains to the situation, than it is going to be just much easier to curb them, for whatever direction is necessary to get along. Of course, when you go to the absolute extremes of the spectrum, where the insane spender who acts like money burns through their pocket to the hardcore spender who pinches every single cent with reckless abandon. To me, those two opposites will never really get along all that much and there are just such a culture clash. Of course people who spend money when not needed do weird me out, because I've always saved whatever I can.
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
I agree megamatt. Both types of people have to be flexible, and absolute extremes would never get along. I think everything has to be well-balanced. Some spenders spend like there's no tomorrow; on the other hand, some savers save to the point that they never get to enjoy life, or worse, never even have some of their basic needs satisfied.
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
28 Mar 12
My husband and I handle money in different ways. Before we met he was living with his parents. He didn't have to pay rent or food, he had lots of money to spend and he was able to buy most of the things that he wanted. I had been living on my own or with a partner for many years before we met. I was used to spending most of my money on rent and bills and I wasn't used to spending a lot of money on expensive things. Now my husband and I live together and he would like to continue his lifestyle from the time when he lived with his parents. We often argue about that, because I think that our mortgage payments and the monthly bills are more important than all of the expensive things that my husband wants to buy. I am trying to save money, but my husband constantly talks about the things that he wants to buy.
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
That must be really tough Porcospino. Both of you have different priorities. I am a saver just like you. It's hard to see our hard-earned money (or other people's money) spent on unimportant things. I hope things will work out between you and your husband regarding money.
@sishy7 (27598)
• Australia
28 Mar 12
We both are not big spenders and trying hard to save. But one of us is very thrifty to the point that the other one would consider it as stingy. Conversely, the thrifty one thinks the other one is too generous which might seem as a waste. Anyway, we're trying to learn from each other and we do get along really well. Our biggest arguments were never really about money which I am really grateful.
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
I think as long as both parties are not extremely thrifty or extremely generous, they will get along just fine.:) It's good to hear that your relationship with that person is never affected by money and that you're learning something from each other. Thanks for your response.:)
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