Just watched FASTER and I think this movie of dwayne Johnson had a cool factor.

@deodavid (4150)
March 29, 2012 8:13am CST
Hi there lotters, I just watched a movie about a man who seeked revenge after his brother was killed. Story was Dwayne Johnson and his brother and two other guys robbed a bank and after they had gone to a house to hide the money another group of guys jumped them and took the money after slitting Dwayne Johnson brothers throat in front of him and shooting him in the head. But then Dwayne was able to recover and did a dime in prison. After his release he hunted down each guy and so on and so forth, I suggest you watch if you are interested, the movie was cool because i think mainly of the cars that were used a Camaro SS 1970 and a Ferrari Italia. Am really not that sure but with the pictures i saw i think I'm right. anyway it was nice, couldn't say about the acting though. Have a nice day guys.
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
4 Apr 12
I have watched this last year- it was a really nice movie indeed- the story was fast paced s it was not boring at all. it was also exciting to see if he will really be able to kill all those men ,especially since a hitman was after him.
@lady1993 (20416)
• Philippines
30 Mar 12
I saw this movie a while back, it was good, since I am a fan of Dwayne "THe Rock". It's a revenge film that was done well, and even though he was so angry, it was good that he didn't let it consume him and he didn't kill the one who repented.
@Micmac (9601)
29 Mar 12
Some dude recommended me to watch FAST FIVE with Dwayne Johnson. Is this the same movie you're suggesting? I think I am confused. Looks like a cool movie to watch. thanks for sharing your opinion.
@bhonti (1247)
• Philippines
29 Mar 12
I thought you were talking about the movie fast and furious which also stars dwayne johnson. But as I read your post, I started remembering the movie. I also liked this movie. You should also see fast and furious if you really like cars. There are more, I mean MORE cars in that movie.