Brothers Dont't Agree

@sassy28 (835)
United States
March 29, 2012 9:01am CST
My ten year old has taken up Fencing and of course his twelve year old brother thinks it is not a real sport and for nerds. It does discourage his younger brother some because he has always looked up to him. I have explained to him that this is an Olympic Event and if he practices hard he could make it there someday. He does good at it, but I think he would like the appoval from his older brother. I have tried to tell my oldest son not to make fun of him that he found something that he is pretty good at. I guess they will always have things they don't agree on, it would be nice if they would at least support each other in what they do.
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@nezavisima (7418)
• Bulgaria
29 Mar 12
This is normal and should not bother. Yet there is always misunderstanding because everyone has their own opinion and perspective. man burned when then hear the other so they're angry we just leave them in time they will understand. nice day!
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@sassy28 (835)
• United States
30 Mar 12
Thanks for your post. I think the oldest just likes to make fun of evrything the younger one does. The oldest thinks that he can beat his younger brother at everything and maybe he realizes that he can do beat him at fencing so that is why he makes fun of it.
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@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Oct 12
hi sassy hes twelve and feels king of the roost so yo u have t o really support the younger boy and tell the older one that 'no two boys like the same s port and to back off on doing the big brother bit. ask that if he cannot support his little brother at least do not make fun of him.If he can ask him to support his little 'brother but do not make too big an issue of it just make sure big brother respects his younger brother always.