Bluetooth texting on my laptop to my computer, how convenient.

@deodavid (4150)
March 29, 2012 9:48am CST
Hi there lotters, Hows it going everybody, I just found a better way for me to text. I think Ive mentioned here that I have a new phone and it is a touch screen one, sad part is that i have big fingers that it is very cumbersome for me to text. But lately Ive discovered that if you have a program for your phone on your PC you can use it to connect to your phone and do things on your PC as if you are using your phone. SO i studied how to text on my laptop instead of on the phone which helps on the wear and tear on my phone and at the same time makes it easier for me to type. Great isnt it very convenient, how bout you guys?
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• India
17 Jul 12
For those who have big fingers with small screens, it is really a convenient way of texting. It can also save us a lot of time by sending or replying messages to our friends. But the down side to that is, by using two gadgets at once, it will certainly add up to your expenses.
@bhonti (1247)
• Philippines
29 Mar 12
Its a very great idea. May we know what application is it? Technology today is getting more and more advance as years go by. But I think I will not be needing the program because my hands are quite small and I can text fast using my phone.