Scooter sales is up

United States
March 29, 2012 8:44pm CST
I noticed there is a store I always pass by when I go to work. They always have variety of scooters or moped parking outside for display. Some people might stop by and take a look at them. A few months ago, there were only a few scooters display outside of the store. Now, ever since the gasoline price going up, there were more scooters display on the parking lot, and the price is also up a bit. Is that a good indicator that we might switch from auto vehicles to scooters? Since we might not be able to keep up the high gas price.
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• India
26 Dec 12
Hello...the scooter or moped is a better option to go to nearby place which will save you from spending a lot when compared to the four wheelers.The are high on the mileage and you expense for gasoline will reduce and hence its source of transportation that can be used for short distance trips.In India most of them use the two wheelers as the roads are full of traffic and just have single lanes or two lane.The prices of fuel are very high too hence most opt for the two wheelers.I think this option can also be chosen where necessary but wont takeover the auto vehicles.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
30 Mar 12
may eb in some cass buying a scooter can b ├Če a solution to fight high gas price anyway i think in the future scooter and even cars will turn much more for hybrid enngine or totally electric and so we will be free from this painful price about gasoline and so on...