Who can say I LOVE U FOREVER?

March 29, 2012 10:10pm CST
Resently,i had a bitter quarrel with my friend, cause he think no man will love one women forever, i feel puzzled that he can say that even he was married,the reason why he say so cause he think we are so young to say love. This makes me think, who can say I LOVE U forever? Parters fall apart that's mean they didn't love each other befor?or it's not count if they say I LOVE U forever but never realized it? Do u ever say I LOVE U FOREVER to a person? Do u think u can do what u say?
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@muncho15 (136)
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
who can i say i love you forever? then i'll say is that would be my parents and second will be my spouse, there's nothing great but the love of parents thatn the love spouse...
• India
17 Jul 12
I think it is really necessary to put relationship status in facebook. If one is in a relationship with anyone, he/she does not accept bad comment related to her boyfriend. In this situation, to overcome this problem you should put relationship status in FB as engaged to your boyfriend name. Before doing this, you should confirm it whether your boyfriend loves only you. If you are 100% confident about your boyfriend’s love, you can do it.
@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
1 Apr 12
Saying that is something deep, something you should only say if you are certain of it and even then the relationship can fall apart. I think is more important what you do. You can say a lot of things, what you do it's what counts.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
31 Mar 12
I think saying: I love you forever has nothing to do with age but with feelings. If you feel that way you will say it, no matter if it last forever. It's not about the fact if you will do so but about the intention you have, the feeling everything is in the right place. You can have a fight about it but it's pointless. You can't force anyone to say it but I do agree with you: if your boyfriend can't say it he does not feel that way. Perhaps he is careful and don't want to give false hope. I think there is nothing wrong with that either. Love, relationship it's all about taking your chances, trying, giving in and up and make the best out of it as you can. But this also means that if love came to an end, if you are better of alone or with someone else you should admit that too (in future). Since life is a journey, a personal one, and you have to do what is best for you but also what is best for the one you love. This is what real love means. If you don't want to take risks or want to enjoy you should stay single for the rest of your life. I think that is a pity if you would decide that since each relationship has its lessons and benefits and good times. And they all make us closer to us, knowing ourselves and the person we are and can be proud of.
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
31 Mar 12
i tell my boyfriend that always, that i will love him for the rest of my life. that i will love him til forever is through and all that. if you really love a person, you don't think about someone you will meet in the future again. if it is real, then you want that to last forever.
31 Mar 12
if you say for you this, i will say you i will lover for ever.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
31 Mar 12
Hi wonder, Forever is a very long time and I can't say I may be around for the things I would say or do. Maybe if I am immortal then, there could be some chance I could deliver what I promise. All I can say is I may be able to it now as I had done so yesterday, tomorrow may never be.
@nezavisima (7418)
• Bulgaria
30 Mar 12
I love you forever sounds so good. how nice to hear this and also is more beautiful when I get this feeling and share it. I say I love you forever my family of my husband my children because it's true love when you love strong and true. nice day!
@DeX0303 (50)
• Colombia
30 Mar 12
I say that to my girlfriend every day, cause i'm sure of that, i know i'll love her forever cause there isnt another girl like her in the universe and i really don't care if someone else tells me i'm wrong or that i can't know for sure that because simply that's what i feel, and she's been there with me when no one else wanted to support me so, it's just appreciating every detail, i don't need anyone else and it doesnt matter at all if there are hotter girls out there cause none of those girls are gonna do what she has done for me so far... it's unique and i'll love her forever =)