Waking up Mad With the World

United States
March 30, 2012 8:42am CST
I work in the service industry, and I always try my best to listen to people and hopefully help solve their issue ..or at least point them in the right direction..but there are some people who no matter what you say or do or how you smile and actively listen, they just remain grumps. Whatever happened to that lesson most people learned in kindergarten...be nice to others? I think if we just treat others with compassion and respect, we'd have alot less violence and hate in this world. Someone just told me they wake up mad.Everything is going to go wrong in their day.Anyway how do you wake up mad? Did the sheep you counted get slaughtered in your dreams?(be glad that's your worst nightmare) was that bed or pillow too hard or soft? (at least you have one)
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@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
30 Mar 12
In my country we have a saying: "Did you wake up facing the wall ?" it sounds nicer in my language. It expresses the fact that people woke up mad and start breathing fire around them all day long. It's not ok to be frustrated and make others feel bad for no apparent reason but sometimes people do it. We just have to try and change their state of mine, because getting angry like them doesn't solve anything. It sounds easy but sometimes it's really not.
@greygoo (798)
• Philippines
30 Mar 12
oh i just can relate because i haven't been having the best time at work too. I'm stuck in the middle of a war between my officemates and my bosses. I've been trying to work hard, and my boss seems to notice. he started entrusting more things to me. but my officemates started to notice the attention i'm receiving too. it's really hard to focus, especially when i feel that they talk and say things about me. it's sad because we used to have good working relations in the office. of course, that's until they tagged me as the boss' pet. it sucks. if people just focused enough on their work, and always try to be the best they can be in everything they do, they wouldn't have to worry about others getting ahead of them or something. i'm not trying to get anything from anyone. i just want to do my job, and to do it as best as i can. *sigh* sorry for the rant. maybe some people wake up mad because there are others who turn their dreams into nightmares.
@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
30 Mar 12
everyone wakes up differently. we're all different we all have different personalities. it is very important that we be good sociable and respect the views of others. maybe something else that impressed me is that we should be always correct and never feel hatred envy and malice. must wake up smiling and so is our entire day is gone that negativity. interesting discussion. nice day!