Is public breastfeeding appropriate?

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March 31, 2012 10:08pm CST
Do you think public breastfeeding is appropriate? I think breastfeeding in public is appropriate if you do it in a discretely method by NOT revealing yourself to the public - with a common curiosity of putting a blanket over your child and breast. I think feeding your hungry child shouldn't offend anybody because what if you are at the mall. You aren't going to drive all the way home because your child is hungry. Or on vacation at an amusement, do you have to walk all the way to the car and sit in the hot car and breast feed? What do you think about public breast feeding? Appropriate or not? I don't have any kids but I saw a woman breastfeed the other day in Walmart and maybe were pointing at her and it's just natural.
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@mommyboo (13198)
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2 Apr 12
Of course it's appropriate. I am a proud past-nursing mommy and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There are many many super cute nursing covers available and you can even make your own - or use a blanket, or if you're creative and your baby covers you, nobody would even know. I nursed my baby while wearing her in a front carrier and unless you were less than 6 inches from my face, looking DOWN my front, you would never know. One thing that really irritates me though is that so many people seem to think nursing moms go about parading and stripping or flashing people in public. We DO NOT, thank you very much. On the flip side, people screaming and yelling that we need to cover up every single bit of ourselves every single minute just screams prudishness and intolerance, which are not very appropriate characteristics either, if you think about it. If people were not so dang nosy and didn't spend so much time staring at other strangers and judging what they did, this wouldn't even be a FRACTION of the issue it is, there would be no news reports or threads on forums, articles in magazines and online etc. I only had one person ever say anything and I ignored her dumb reaction. I am not a gracious person in general when someone becomes intolerant of something that doesn't even concern them, so I think it was really great that I managed to ignore her lol. If someone complained TODAY I might say one of two things - first to the complainer that next time they felt like eating something, THEY should tromp 5 miles first or go sit and eat in their hot car, or in a closet or the bathroom with the door shut so they didn't 'offend anybody'. The second thing I might say is that they need to go to aisle 4 for some super glue for that hole under their nose.