How does a girl feel when she visits her boyfriend's family?

@cheneper (133)
April 1, 2012 10:54am CST
I feel so awkward whenever i go to my boyfriend's place. I don't feel comfortable; I feel shy to face his family every time i go for visit. We've been together for ten months but still uncomfortable. They are kind to me but they don't talk to me that much especially the parents,maybe because there's nothing to be talked about. My boyfriend doesn't like hearing when I say "I don't like to go coz I feel shy!" He doesn't understand, and me neither. Just out of curiosity, i wanna know how do other girls feel. Is it normal for me to be shy? what are the things that hinders me to be comfortable?
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• Singapore
2 Apr 12
it is ok to feel uncomforable at first. you just started the relationship. some even took years before they feel at home with their partners families. unless you have been friends before you got together, you will need to do some effort to get to know them and be close to them. you can try invite her mom out to go shopping or something like that.
@Porcospino (20910)
• Denmark
1 Apr 12
I never felt really comfortable when my ex-boyfriend and I visited his parents. His father and I got along quite well, but I never felt at ease around my former mother-in-law. She was very critical and she used a lot of sarcasm. She was always able to find something about me to criticise, but she behaved the same way forwards her own son and constantly told him about the things that he didn't do right etc. I found it difficult to relax in their home. We were together for 6 years, but I kept feeling the same why. When I visited my husband's parents for the first time I was nervous, but fortunately the meeting went well. I like my husband's mother and I don't feel nervous in her home. We get along really well, and fortunately she is very different from my former mother-in-law.
@maezee (35269)
• United States
1 Apr 12
I would be nervous for sure. Some parent's I have met have been super awesome and super laid back cool. I have never met any of my friends' or past boyfriends' parents and they were horrible. Never. They all liked me I do believe. At least that's what I hear. But the first time in meeting them, it's always a scary & nerve-wracking experience. Just because they could be HORRIBLE monsters of parents! You never know!!1