how could you handle your life?

April 3, 2012 8:49am CST
I handle my life by having an inspiration.Without an inspiration maybe you couldn't live alone.when i was 8 years old i saw a child walking alone by the road,she was very poor with her dirty clothes she wares.I was very pity on that child but I was a child too on that time that's why i decided to get close with her and I gave her a peace of bread . After all i realize that it is very important to have an inspiration in life so that you can handle your life easily.
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• Philippines
3 Apr 12
I handle my life having a goal that I would work hard to achieve for. And also an inspiration for me to work hard to achieve my goals and dreams in life. :)
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
3 Apr 12
I wonder what kind of inspiration that kid gave you. You just giving her a piece of bread at that time? Or are you running an Orphan home now or teaching and feeding poor hungry kids for free? I don't need the kind of inspiration you mention. There is plenty of things to do, to see, you just need to open your eyes and observe. My own kids inspire me, so do my animals (I have a shelter) and my house in Hungary and my husband in Africa. Most important to me is that I feel happy and free and my kids will be able to feel the same.