what does the dream mean?

April 4, 2012 8:07am CST
Last night I dreamed that i fight with cat that i have ever had.In the dream,my cat become a devil.It scrath at me,i feel very scared....At last,i throw the cat down from high building.....There is no doubt that it is a nightmare....
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• Canada
10 Apr 12
I believe dreams have a meaning to them, and its a way of telling you things. Dreams like this is nothing major. I know cats in dreams are not a good sign unless you manage to scare it, or kill it off. In which you did. I have many dreams lie this, but really it means nothing. Silly stuff, but some dreams do tell you something. ;-)
• India
6 Apr 12
it is very scary in dreams but when you open your eyes it seems to be funny....but on us it is the only way to experience these things...we don't have special powers to live these fantacy...
• United States
4 Apr 12
It was a nightmare, and it sounds like a nasty one. But I don't believe that dreams have any meaning, so I wouldn't think anything of it. It might have been spooky, but it was just a dream and I don't believe it's some symbolic warning or signal. I once had a dream that my cat told me she was actually a tomcat named Charlie and she wanted me to go back in time and kill a few people for her. When I disagreed she turned into a snarling hissing mess, and I grabbed her up by the scruff and scolded her until I woke up. Not the nicest cat dream, but it's actually pretty funny in hindsight.
@Lisona (177)
4 Apr 12
awww I don't like those kind of dreams. Would be interesting to find out what that dream really meant, I have had dreams of wild dogs chasing me, but not cats yet..hehehe