My nose is running :p Is there anything more irritating than cold??

April 4, 2012 2:05pm CST
Hey friends, what do you think is the most irritating non life-threatening or non serious disease/infections?? Cold is my personal favorite for this category!! I have heard somewhere it takes around 7 days for cold to go away by itself... And around a week with medicines!! Do you agree :) :) ? ?
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@Jiabsa (512)
• India
10 Apr 12
Running nose always irritate us. If we have cold, we should keep a hand-cur-chief with us. Otherwise, it will disturb all the people around us. Steaming is the best method to get relief from this irritating diseases. We will get little relief when we apply vicks on our nose-trills. Taking tablet at the time of cold is not a good habit. It is better to cure this disease without taking medicine. Normally it will take a week to cure this disease. It will help us to remove unnecessary waste from our body.
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
8 Apr 12
Having a cold is not nice but having acid relex is even worse! I know! I found I have it last week! Having cronic heartburn,coughing attacks,an upset stomach all the time and coughing up flem is even worse! Believe me it is alot worse then a cold! I am trying to change my diet to make it better! Not fun!
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
7 Apr 12
Strengthen your immune system by taking in lots of fruits, and fruit juices, that contain Vitamin C. The key to getting rid of colds is by strengthening your body's immune system. With a strong body resistance, the virus will go away by itself.
• India
7 Apr 12
Still now i have a running nose. It take almost a week to get rid from. A person who is suffering from this has sweep the liquid which is comming from the nose which is a uttter disturbance also a person with this infection cannot have the food by understanding it's taste.
• Canada
4 Apr 12
Colds are definitely very irritating and annoying but allergies are just as much annoying if not more. I have seasonal allergies and the sneezing, itchy, red and watery eyes etc symptoms of the allergies are really frustrating
• United States
4 Apr 12
Colds are pretty annoying, but I'd put acne and allergies above a cold. Having bad allergies is about as bad as having a cold, except it runs much longer than a week or two. Acne is irritating and it cripples my self-esteem. I feel like I've tried everything but acutane to get rid of it, and it's not nearly severe enough to make me a candidate for acutane. Pimples won't kill you, obviously, but they're painful and itchy and make you want to hide your face.