Woke up all swollen

@ecaron (678)
April 5, 2012 12:12pm CST
I woke this morning with a swollen cheek , it's because my upper denture is bothering my gums again. Not much I can do just put a cold cloth on it until it goes down. It happens occasionally. It's a little sore and I can still eat and talk and everything. It'll get better on it's own. Other than than I'm feeling fine, a little down because my dad said he has to go for treatments for prostate cancer. My husband assures me that he'll be fine. Anyway, the weather has turned again, old man winter has returned with cold and snow. I'll be staying in until it gets warmer again. I hate the wind especially, it hurts my ears, so I wear a hood on my head. I was reading discussions and writing response all morning and now I'll check on my survey e mails. Have a good day, MY Lot , friends!
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• United States
5 Apr 12
Can you get them adjusted so they can stop hurting you....
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
5 Apr 12
Perhaps you should visit a dentist before it's too late. Stay strong, think your husband is right about your dad's operation.