Do you like Big Bang Theory ?

@vertu007 (683)
April 6, 2012 1:51am CST
I think it's one of the best shows, it has a lot of humor. The nerds they play I really funny, I also find funny the way they explain things. What do you think about this show ?
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@KOSTAS499 (1625)
• Greece
14 Apr 12
It's great. I miss some of the lines because you need certain knowledge to understand, but it is very funny. I think it ranks third behind Friends and Married with children.
@burrito88 (2779)
• United States
6 Apr 12
You've posted this (and another post) under watching movies. These are TV shows not movies. Regarding this show, I watch it sometimes but I am starting to feel that the show is at times to ridiculous. These are supposed to be guys doing research at a university, I thought. Where are their students and when do they do work?
@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
6 Apr 12
I loved the show... when it first came out... but not anymore. Nowadays I still watch it here and there, but it's not a show I look forward to, or I have to see as soon as I get it... it's more, the show to watch when there's nothing else to watch... And I'll tell you why. I loved the show back in the beginning, because then, the characters were actually intelligent, and they made jokes that you'd have to know the scientific background to really get... I'm a science nerd kind of guy, and thats the kind of humor I really like... A neutrino walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here!" and the neutrino replies, "No worries, I'm just passing through!" But now, Sheldon, who was the most intelligent character in the beginning, is now just this kook, with one liners that show how he can't regularly adapt with society, not showing his intelligence... and Howard is more interested in getting married, then being head engineer behind components of space flight... Its just not what I go for anymore... season 1 was funny... now its just... eh...
• United States
6 Apr 12
It really is a great show, but alas this is another show that I don't always get to watch because of hectic schedule, and when I do get to watch it, I love every minute of it's Nerd/Geek humor.
• United States
6 Apr 12
I love that so much. The only non nerd lady is so funny as well. I think this is the perfect show about science as well. we needed a show like this to watch.